Productname:DxD-50Y side sealing bag liquild packing machine

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Liquid packing machine
Article Liquid
Model DXD-50Y
Range of measure 0-50ml
Measuring Method Volume/Pump
Size of bag L50-140mm W40-85mm
Capacity 40-70 bags/min
Control style PLC control system + Chinese/English Interface
Case of machine Spray painting / Stainless steel
Power Main motor 370W, heating power 720W
Power supply AC 380V 50Hz / AC 220V 50Hz
Weight (Kg) N.W.: 165;G.W.: 195
Dimensions(mm) 600*600*1600
Size of shipping box(mm) 800*800*1800
Material of bag/Film Paper/polyethylene;cellophane/polyethylene;plated aluminum/polyethylene;BOPP/polyethylene;nylon/polyethylene
Sealing style 3-side seal / 4-side seal
Function Automatically measuring volume, making bags, filling, sealing, cutting, printing the lot number and cutting easy tearing notch.